Those US Flags Were Made In China

September 4th at the Times Square Recruiting Center our very own paparazza, Jenny Heinz caught these two sailors in action. The sailors were giving free US flags to passersby.

Our keen-eyed Jenny took a good look at the carton of flags and then she took a quick photo.


These “Stars and Stripes” were made in China!


When the sailors realized what Jenny was doing they scurried to put the flags in a back pack and get rid of the box. Jenny said to them, “So you don’t want the truth to get out.”

The sailors left – we stayed.


People took our flyers.

People read our flyers.

Thanks Granny Peace Brigade for making this series of demonstrations happen.

We’ll be back.

– Eva-Lee Baird
– Photos 1, 2 & 3 – Jenny Heinz
– Photos 4 & 5 – Eva-Lee Baird

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