Name that War – Operation New Dawn

Hold on to your hats! According to the BBC:

US rebrands military campaign in Iraq
“The US military operation in Iraq is to be renamed Operation New Dawn later this year, according to a defence department memo…. A copy of the memo signed by US defence chief Robert Gates was obtained by ABC news on Thursday. (read more)

Take a deep breath – After Downing Street has a response to this blatantly manipulative piece of pr from the Obama administration. After Downing Street has started a contest: Obama Calls War on Iraq “A New Dawn” — What Do You Call It?

My entry is “Pissing Blood on the Grand Chessboard.”

Okay, okay, that’s too damned esoteric but it’s all the No Bases Committee’s fault. You are the gals that put together the Close U.S. Military Bases in the Pacific teach in, and had Joe Gerson as a speaker. He stood right up in front of us and said, “A classic book that really everybody in the room should read is Zbigniew Brezezinski’s the ‘Grand Chessboard’” Hear him for yourself in the first 12 seconds of our YouTube video “Close U.S. Military Bases in the Pacific.” I took his advice to heart and haven’t been the same since.

You can enter the contest too. I’m sure you can come up with something better than “Pissing Blood on the Grand Chessboard.”
Go to the After Downing Street Name That War page.

You will need to set up a user account, which is easy.

If you don’t want to set up an account you can write your new name for Operation New Dawn as a comment to this post. I will be happy to enter it in the contest in your name.

– Eva-Lee Baird
For the Granny Peace Brigade

One thought on “Name that War – Operation New Dawn

  1. Good for you, Granny Eva-Lee, I like your creativity. We have all gotten much too used to blood. Do you suppose Pres. Obama was thinking of Homer’s “Bloody Fingered Dawn” when he picked that “New Dawn” name????


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