Peace Walking on Mother’s Day

We like chocolate just fine, but we want peace – NOW.

So the Granny Peace Brigade and CodePink set out on our 4th Annual Mother’s Day stroll to take back the day. Julia Ward Howe started the whole thing in 1870 with her Mother’s Day Proclamation and we carry her words in our hearts today: “Disarm! Disarm! The sword of murder is not the balance of justice.”


Special musical accompaniment


by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra


and the Raging Grannies brightened our way


as we gave Mother’s Day cards with a message of peace to passers by.


Three generations of peaceniks joined us. Now whose grandson might that be?


Article 9 is a clause in the National Constitution of Japan that prohibits an act of war by the state. The United States needs an Article 9.


One American woman with messages for everyone.

– Eva-Lee Baird
for the Granny Peace Brigade

-All Photos by Bud Korotzer

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