What kind of banana republic is this?  Where is the transparency in NYC government?

NYC’s fiscal year begins on July 1, and City Council has ‘deferred’ the 6/24 public hearings on on the education budget for 2010-2011.  You might ask yourself if or when the hearings will be rescheduled?  We wanted to know, but no one downtown could tell us.  Probably things are on hold because of the shenanigans in Albany.  In the meantime, while the Mayor and Chancellor Klein continue to cut the guts out of educational programs, that figure of over $2 million for JROTC programs is still in the budget.  Do these folks think we’re not paying attention?

Friends, this is no time to get distracted.  Let’s keep the pressure on City Council — trying to sneak this one by us is unacceptable.  Tell them to cut bucks out of JROTC and put the money back in real education.

Friday, June 18th
12noon – 1.30PM
City Hall Park  (Broadway & Park Place)

No cellphone, no problem.  There is much to do, and we need all the helping hands we can get!

See you in the streets!

– Fran Sears
for the Granny Peace Brigade


  1. Lucy,

    We were in Central Park on the 4th of July with Norman Siegel and many others. Sorry for teh delay in responding. Please, in the future, email us at: with any questions and if you want to be added to our mailing list re: our events, tell us via our email address.

    Peace Always, Phyllis for the GPB


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