Close all U.S. Military Bases on Foreign Soil

In April 2007, three Granny Peace Brigade (GPB) members attended the 14th Congress, Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) in Caracas. Venezuela. After hearing representatives‘ countless reports on status of women and children in their respective countries, it was clear that U.S. military installations were responsible for deplorable physical, social, cultural, economic , political, and environmental harm.

At the initiation of the GPBrigade members, the U.S. delegation, presented a resolution calling for closure of all U.S. military bases. It was adopted unanimously by the Congress. The No Bases Committee of the GPB was established to work toward the closing of all U.S. military bases on foreign soil. The Brigade supports the International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases formed in Quito, Ecuador, March 2007 and the Resolution of the 14th Congress of WIDF, April 2007

Excerpts of teach-ins on the GPB YouTube video channel

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