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2011_08_18unionsquare_3You see those plastic bags people are carrying today in Union Square?  They’re approaching the table where they will concentrate on voting with the 20 pennies in each bag.  It’s all about how they believe tax dollars should best be spent.

2011_08_18unionsquare_4People are getting on board with their votes and those empty tubes will tell the tale in time.  Everyone knows the results will be posted on our blog.

2011_08_18unionsquare_6Bud Korotzer, peace and justice activist on the scene photographically documenting grassroots activity, people “voting” where their taxes should be spent and…

…viewing War Resisters League literature.SONY DSC

“Take our twenty pennies and with them, vote where you want your tax dollars to go.”

2011_08_18unionsquare_5There were many votes for Education but today most votes were cast for

2011_08_18unionsquare_1JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!  There were stories shared by folks who were out of work and looking for employment.  Note  Ms. Gizmo’s JOBS tube.  We actually had to remove some pennies to make room for more before the event ended.

2011_08_18gizmo_unionsquare– Caroline Chinlund (photos 1&2)
– Phyllis Cunningham (photos 3,5&7)
– Bud Korotzer (photos 4&6)
– Edith Cresmer (chart)
– Eva-Lee Baird (technical support)
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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