Partners For Peace At The East Harlem Youth Fair

The Granny Peace Brigade and Code Pink NYC partnered for peace at The East Harlem Youth Fair, sponsored by Councilwomen Melissa Mark-Viverito, Tuesday August 30th. Our message included the cost of war to the community, information about truth in military recruitment, and non-military options for youth after HS.  (Click on photos for larger images.)


Ms Gizmo provided an opportunity for local taxpayers to determine how they would distribute their tax dollars for community needs – providing reflective moments of decision.


A review of the government tax allocation pie chart, which show the actual allocation of taxes for 2012, leads to discussions about the dismal distribution of tax $$s to social and community programs and the whopping amount allocation to past and present war costs.


Comments include: Cuts, cuts, cuts to local services, can’t get an affordable apartment in East Harlem, a high school student can’t get a job and needs to work, a young boy wants art in his school.


Here are the Ms. Gizmo totals for the day. It is not a surprise to see that the education tube gets the most pennies at a youth fair.


Youth, parents, neighbors stop at the Truth or Myth poster display to consider the issues of military enlistment.

Participating in the interactive Q & A experience, many are not sure about the effects of post traumatic stress disorder, or treatment of girls in the military, or what kind of skill training they might get.  The fact that an enlistee signs a contract for 8 years is a big surprise to most.  “No way. I just want to get a job or some money for college.” The handout, Options for Life After High School, offers non-military alternatives to review as well as financial aid, scholarships and community service. Lots to consider and so much to learn.

All those who stopped by the table were encouraged to fill in a sign – Make ? Not War. This activity was well received, and signs indicated such choices as: Make – friends, peace, cakes, love, and happiness.


Now wouldn’t that be just wonderful

– Barbara Harris
for the Granny Peace Brigade
Photos 1-3 & 5 Bud Korotzer
Photos 4, 6 &7 Barbara Harris
Chart by Edith Cresmer

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