We continue to stand our ground!  On the 18th of October, the 6th anniversary of our inception, we reiterated and celebrated our commitment to peace and social justice at Lincoln Center.  Our vigil was silent but our signs voiced our message.

(Click on photos for larger images.)



The Lincoln Center plaza was chosen for the silent vigil because it is privately managed even though it is owned by New York City.  The GPB is concerned about the lack of opportunities to exercise freedom of speech and the right to assemble peaceably in public venues. The Lincoln Center plaza is such a space and affords high visibility for getting our messages out to the public



Although we were threatened with arrest by a member of the Lincoln Center Administration, the NYC Police never took action. The event garnered more than 150 people joining the silent vigil with multitude of on-lookers.  It is our hope that our messages will be carried far and wide and propel more people into action for peace and social justice.

-Phyllis Cunningham
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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