Smart Toys Not War Toys Campaign

Fourteen Grannies gathered and sang in Harlem: Eva-Lee, Nydia, Joan P., Edith, Susan G., Mercy, Barbara H., Bev, Jenny, Connie, Judith, Ann and Ahmad (filming), Laura and Peg. We moved to the recruiting station because Lazarus, the toy store nearby was not featuring military or violence-provoking toys.

We were well received there by the bus stop where folks paused to sing, take literature, and listen. “Good singin’ y’all!” And a little girl in pink stood with us to her mother’s delight. The occasional marine or recruiter would pop out, but we didn’t block their door, just sang against toys of war. Afterwards, Eva-Lee, Nydia, Susan G., Laura and Mercy went to nearby Manna’s for soul food and peppery chicken soup. Eva-Lee took some wonderful pictures. This link should get you to the photos if you don’t have a Facebook account.

– Mercy Van Vlack
For the Granny Peace Brigade and the Raging Grannies

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