12/21/12 Back at Toys R Us

Cold and wintry wind did not keep The Granny Peace Brigade and the Raging Grannies from their Smart Toys not War Toys campaign! Eva- Lee, Alice, Mercy and Connie sang outside

2012_12_21barbara(Click on the photos for larger images.)

while Barbara H. passed out info on toys to pasersby. Joan P., Bev Rice and Edith went inside the store wearing yellow tops: “Don’t Buy War Toys!”


They were there for more than a half hour and security would ask them to leave and they said: “Why? We’re not singing or chanting, it’s not illegal to just stand here.” When the grans came outside to join us, there were 3 cops called by the store who were very amused. One cop heard us sing and said: “Nice!” They talked to Eva-Lee who said: “We’re not going back into the store… TODAY.” The cop replied “That’s okay, I’m only here today!”

We got lots of thumbs ups, gave away all our holiday cards, lotsa foks took cell phone pics of Eva-Lee’s sign about the assault blaster being the pick of the toy industry:

AS “BEST TOY” of 2013

and one young man came and shook us all by the hand, in thanks for our songs. Corinne joined us for the last bit and it was soooo cold that we ran away to get soup.

– Yer Raging Reporter, MercyVan Vlack
for the Granny Peace Brigade and the Raging Grannies
Photo of Barbara: Eva-Lee Baird
Photos of Bev and Edith: Joan Pleune

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