City Council members are leaving on an all expenses paid junket to Israel on February 15

Hello Sisters and Friends,

We have one last chance to persuade 15 City Council members* to cancel their funded-by-the-zionists junket to Israel, or at least to make them feel damn guilty about going. These 15 City Council members* need to think again about the message they give to New Yorkers, particularly our Palestinian neighbors. This trip is despicable.

We will meet at the Broadway entrance to City Hall with our representations of dead Palestinian children, leaflets with our (abridged) letter to those 15 City Council members* who are being bought by zionists, and, of course, banners.

What: A meet and greet as City Council members trek back and forth across Broadway for their bi-weekly Stated Meeting.
When: Thursday, February 12 (that would be Lincoln’s birthday, wouldn’t it?)
Time: 12:15 PM
Where: Broadway at Murray St. entrance to City Hall Park

See you in the streets–on Broadway to be precise
– Joan Pleune
for the Granny Peace Brigade

* Council Speaker:
Melissa Mark-Viverito,, 212-788-7210, Fax; 212-442-1564

* Council Members:
Mark Treyger,, 212-788-7045
Brad Lander,, 212-788-6969
Antonio Reynoso,, 212-788-7095
David Greenfield,, 718-853-2704
Rafael Espiñal,, 212-788-7284
Darlene Mealy,, 212-788-7387
Corey Johnson,, 212-788-6979
Ritchie Torres,, 212-788-6966
Andrew Cohen,, 212-788-7080
Donovan Richards,, 212-788-7216
Eric Ulrich,, 212-788-7069
Jimmy Van Bramer,, 212-788-7370
Mark Levine,, 212-788-7007
Helen Rosenthal,, 212-788-6975

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