Community Day at Hunter College

The Granny Peace Brigade was one of around 25 local groups participating in Hunter College’s annual Community Day. Among these groups were several working with women in the community, those working with immigrants and especially the “dreamers,” safe sex. Amnesty International/New York and League of Women Voters were also there.

The GPB display highlighted our campaign against  the use of drones everywhere, including NYC and the upcoming Peace and Planet events around the issue of a global ban on nuclear weapons. Barbara Harris prepared a display on Women in the Military: what women should know before signing up. She had many detailed conversations with both young women and men on the issue.

One young man read all the materials at the table. While no one was really interested in a military career (well, one young lady hoped to be a military chaplain), many of the flyer-takers said they would share it with people they knew who were considering military service/careers. Barbara was also interviewed by a young women from NYPIRG, New York Public Interest Research Group. The interview was basically on changes in higher education over the years, but knowing Barbara, it soon moved on to issues of privacy for young people in high school and the military.

There was interest in the Peace and Planet events, especially the Rally, planned on 26 April. The petition calling for a ban on nuclear weapons, to be handed over to officials of the UN on Sunday, garnered  32 signatures.  Drones and their possible use in New York were also of interest to the students, young and old alike.



This event at Hunter is a highlight among our yearly actions. It provides an opportunity to talk with young people about issues of concern to them as well as to talk to them about our efforts. And it is not really a surprise, but there were several senior citizens enjoying the displays, taking advantage of Hunter’s excellent programs for alumni.

-Marty Rajandran
for the Granny Pace Brigade

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