#FIGHTFOR15 – Let’s Begin With A $15 Minimum Wage

Barbara H, Bev, Corinne, Edith, Jenny, Joan, Marty, Alice Sutter, Tibby and I joined the #FIGHTFOR15  rally on Wednesday, April 15. We were heartened to see so many people ready to struggle for decent pay.

The rally was long and we did spend some time resting our bones on a nearby bench. In our defense, a number of us had marched the day before from Union Square across the Brooklyn Bridge in the demonstration organized by Stop Mass Incarceration.  It isn’t always easy to keep up.

IMG_5672 (2)


The energy and goodwill of our neighbors helped a lot to get us up and moving when the time came to set off for Times Square.

– Eva-Lee Baird
for the Granny Peace Brigade
Photos: Marty Rajandran & Eva-Lee Baird

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