Parent Teacher Conference Night at NYC High Schools, March 10, 2016 – Countering Military Recruitment

In our ongoing effort to protect students from the influence of military recruiters in high schools, volunteers were at 10 schools to greet parents as they arrived and provide them with 2 flyers addressing Non-Military Options for Students after HS and Questions to Ask Recruiters who may be talking to their child.  This direct action helps families learn more about college programs, financial aid, job training, trade schools, and alternatives suitable to their child’s needs and dreams.  And most important, to guide their child away from a military choice.

To spend a minute or two with individual parents who have a question or just stop to thank us for the information and  considering their child’s future is a simple and effective personal outreach. Parents we meet respond with gratitude.

P-T night teacher discusses flyers

At Murry Bergtraum HS, several teachers stopped and took flyers.  One teacher wanted to discuss how important this information was for his students and their families. He asked if we would come to his class to speak about the issues.

At West Side Campus HS, volunteers report that parents couldn’t thank them enough.

P-T nite Jill and parent

We are motivated by the presence of militarism in children’s lives – in games, movies, and schools. Each child deserves a good education filled with academics, emotional support, a variety of educational and social programs, art/music, tutoring, sports, and challenges to reach new goals.  They deserve career guidance as well.  Unfortunately, NYC high schools have a dearth of counselors and some have a ratio of 1 counselor for 300-400 students.  Little attention can be given to individual student’s career guidance needs, and military recruiters fill that void.  Parent -Teacher Conference night outreach and engagement with parents seeks to educate

families about the many opportunities their child can pursue to fulfill  her/his goals.  Providing 2  flyers with information and resources to counter the military message is our responsibility.

We’ll be back at the high schools this Fall – consider joining us then.
Students not Soldiers
– Barbara Harris
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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