Military Recruiting and the Pandemic

Given the health and safety rules for all during the Corona Virus pandemic, the Department of Defense has set regulations to protect military personnel as well. Many local recruiting stations have been closed and current troops are remaining at their posts.

But the military is not letting its recruitment guard down during this period as it provides on-line war games, battle action videos and films, as well as war toys for our youth to embrace.

The Armed forces are ready to be proudly visible and applauded at sports events and ceremonies when the pandemic is finally over. Many youth can easily become militarized in thinking how to live their daily lives and in making their choices after graduation from high school.

As the Department of Defense will always be seeking new recruits for our never ending wars, the Granny Peace Brigade offers non-military alternatives for all students to consider after high school. Check out our current forms for information. Options for Life After High School and Questions to Ask/ Points to Consider concerning military recruitment.

  • Barbara Harris for the Granny Peace Brigade

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