Parent Teacher Conference Night

Opt-Out Action on March 26, 2009 It was dreary, really dreary and the rain didn't stop. The wind added insult to injury, but 32 stoic volunteers, with flyers in hand, in messenger bag, or in plastic bags traveled to 11 NYC high schools to bring Opt-Out forms and Options for Life After High School information … Continue reading Parent Teacher Conference Night

College Career Fair at Murry Bergtraum

Friday, March 27th, Barbara Walker (Granny Peace Brigade) and I went to Murry Bergtraum HS at noon to participate in the College Career Fair event. Since this was our first invite, I didn't know what to expect, but knew that we needed something different to attract students to our table. Students were coming to the … Continue reading College Career Fair at Murry Bergtraum


Dateline: NYC, March 18, 2009. Empty promises, inadequate protection, lousy pay, worse working conditions and forced participation in illegal and immoral acts -- does OSHA know about the lousy deal the US Military gives our sons and daughters? Today the Granny Peace Brigade brought this deplorable situation into sharp focus when they rallied at Military … Continue reading MARCH MADNESS: A PROTECTION RING OF 7 GRANNIES ARRESTED IN TIMES SQUARE

Let the Parents Know

Spreading the word about the Opt-Out option An extra bonus from the Oct. 23rd Parent Teacher Night Opt-Out Action, was an invite to speak at a Norman Thomas HS PTA meeting.  Last night, representing the Granny Peace Brigade, I went with 2 teens from the YaYa Network to talk about the Opt-Out option, military recruiters … Continue reading Let the Parents Know


GRANNY PEACE BRIGADE GREETS PEOPLE ON THEIR WAY TO CAROLYN MALONEY'S WORKSHOP ON FUNDING A COLLEGE EDUCATION AND FINDS AN ALLY A Monday night, families of high school juniors and seniors arrive to hear a presentation on how to afford college tuition.  Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has arranged a workshop where people can hear from representatives … Continue reading COLLEGE OR MILITARY: MONEY MATTERS

Protect the Children

Counter Recruiting on Parent Night at New York City High Schools The Granny Peace Brigade and Code Pink NYC believe wholeheartedly that students and their parents should be aware that there are alternatives to military service, that an education can be secured without risking lives in needless wars. To further that objective, 25 volunteers traveled … Continue reading Protect the Children

Truth in Recruitment

Opt-out Program at McKee High School, Staten Island, Oct 23, 2008 Parents/guardians and students were gathering at the entrance to McKee High School (Staten Island) at 5:30p.m., eager to pick up report cards. Between 5:30p.m. and 7:00p.m., Kathy Bayer and I (Barbara Walker) talked with a goodly number of parents/guardians and students about military recruiters … Continue reading Truth in Recruitment

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Five Grannies and a fella pitch ‘Opt Out Option’ at East Harlem Teen Fair.

August 30:  Educational and career outreach, health information, and support groups for teens and families along with food, music, face painting and fun -- City Council Rep, Melissa Mark Viverito sure knows how to throw a party. Nydia, Judy, one Joan and both Barbaras are joined by our new friend, Kevin, from Brooklyn for Peace. … Continue reading BACK TO THE FUTURE: Five Grannies and a fella pitch ‘Opt Out Option’ at East Harlem Teen Fair.

Brooklyn: Say No To Junior ROTC

Oh, how were we challenged Thursday, June 5 in Brooklyn! The park surrounding Brooklyn Borough Hall and the Court Building was saturated with folks attending Brooklyn Day, a pro-Atlantic Yards rally, sponsored by the Forest City Ratner Corporation, a NYC real estate developer with a taste for using eminent domain for their own gain. A … Continue reading Brooklyn: Say No To Junior ROTC

Maintaining Privacy for High School Students Requires Action

Five stalwart members and friends of the Granny Peace Brigade and CodePink gathered at Washington Irving High School on Thursday April 3, 2009, the evening of Citywide High School Parents' Open School night, to help parents who want to keep their children from being recruited into the military. Pat, Leigh, Joe, Eva-Lee and Edith told … Continue reading Maintaining Privacy for High School Students Requires Action