On Accepting The Bertolt Brecht Award At Union Theological Seminary

Friday evening, February 24, 2012 Dear friends, I accept this award with pride but also with humility. It is a special honor to share it with Esther Cooper Jackson, a stalwart freedom fighter who has labored long in the vineyards for justice, dignity, equality  for the human rights of African and diasporan Africans. Actors equity … Continue reading On Accepting The Bertolt Brecht Award At Union Theological Seminary

A funny thing happened on the 104 bus…

Jenny, Ahmad and I were among the marchers boarding the bus. Friday night, October 21, a benefit concert by the environmental organization Clearwater was held Symphony Space on Broadway at  94th Street. Among the notable musicians were the legendary Pete Seeger, composer-musician David Amram, and folk singer Arlo Guthrie. Following the concert shortly after 10:30, … Continue reading A funny thing happened on the 104 bus…

“Stop! In the Name of Health, Don’t Cut My Medicare”

This is a funny video, but the message is deadly serious-- the Grannies participated to stress the need to fight the Obama administration, as President Obama has offered cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in the debt ceiling negotiations currently gripping Capitol Hill. While I personally didn't vote for Obama, I think it is … Continue reading “Stop! In the Name of Health, Don’t Cut My Medicare”


As the winter solstice arrived, nine Grannies and one Buddy sang anti-war-toys lyrics to shoppers on Flatbush Avenue outside the Atlantic Center Mall  and gave peace cards stating "War is Not a Game."             We then entered the mall and weaved in and out of the Target toy aisles, serenading … Continue reading FLASH MOB SERENADES HOLIDAY SHOPPERS

GRAN Central Caroling 2010!

GRAN Central Station once again was the scene with 15 NYC Metro Raging Grannies: Judith, Mercy, Lillian, Corinne, Rachel, Susan L., Sally, Alice, Nora, Pam, Adele, Maxine and Susan K. and Granny Peace Brigaders: Eva-Lee and Bev, caroling for peace.  We gathered at the information kiosk and sang for over an hour, thanks to Bev … Continue reading GRAN Central Caroling 2010!


We filed into court, quiet, respectful,  hoping against hope that the prisoner would be given the full  extent of the powers of the court. That she would receive a mild admonishment for her slight alleged infraction of the law, an error in judgement that anyone, even the most learned judge might make. According to John … Continue reading FEAR – AMERICA CAN SLEEP EASY NOW

Raging Grannies And Friends Sing Carols Of Peace

December 21 in Grand Central Station New York City It is possible to live a full, rich life even if you have never gone caroling with the Raging Grannies, however hanging out with the Ragings is one way to live intensely. If you missed this year, all is not lost. Pencil or tap  a note … Continue reading Raging Grannies And Friends Sing Carols Of Peace

Joan And Nydia’s Subway Encounter

Nydia and I had an interesting encounter last night on the No. 1 subway.  We were returning from Staten Island where we attended the Staten Island Peace Action dinner honoring our own Barbara Walker  It was around 9:45 p.m.  A group of strapping young men sat across from us.  One spotted Nydia's pins -- the … Continue reading Joan And Nydia’s Subway Encounter

The Possible, Desirable, and Necessary in Gaza

My comment regarding the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict sent to President-elect Obama's website. I grew up during the Second World War and I remember the warm feeling I had when Israel was formed in 1948, and how at Hunter College I empathized with Jewish students celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the founding of Israel. I … Continue reading The Possible, Desirable, and Necessary in Gaza