GRAN Central Caroling 2010!

GRAN Central Station once again was the scene with 15 NYC Metro Raging Grannies: Judith, Mercy, Lillian, Corinne, Rachel, Susan L., Sally, Alice, Nora, Pam, Adele, Maxine and Susan K. and Granny Peace Brigaders: Eva-Lee and Bev, caroling for peace.  We gathered at the information kiosk and sang for over an hour, thanks to Bev and Adele.


The kids loved our songs and busy commuters would stop and listen and laugh, before continuing on their way.



We were free entertainment!  We didn’t get one negative comment from the crowd, any frown turned into a smile when they heard the lyrics.  We really had a wonderful time with our great audience.


A group of four women: granny and daughters, joined us and were laughing with glee over our lyrics, it was a splendid evening.


Yer Raging Reporter,
– Mercy VanVlack
Photos: Eva-Lee Baird

2 thoughts on “GRAN Central Caroling 2010!

  1. And let’s also note that, TWICE, we were told by security or a cop to stop, and we just started up again after a few minutes, and didn’t get chased around as we usually do! And the second time, much thanks to Adele’s absolutely INSPIRED ad lib that we don’t need a permit for the holidays.


  2. Celebrate the Grannies this holiday with Raging Grannies: The Action League, a timely new DVD about the SF Bay Area Action League. They’re on Free Speech TV in December and you can preview and purchase the DVD at our website. If you’re a Granny, contact us for a special discount.


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