Bud’s Photos of End-War-in-Afghanistan Demo

Read more and watch video in a blog post by David Wallace, “131 ARRESTED IN WHITE HOUSE PROTEST, 11 MORE ARRESTED IN NYC’S TIMES SQUARE .”

The Granny Peace Brigade gives a big thank you to Bud and Fran Korotzer for yet again being out in the streets for peace, for taking wonderful photographs and for sending them along.



Bud took the photos on Thursday, December 16 as some Grannies joined Veterans for Peace in NYC in support of the Veterans for Peace demo in Washington DC.





Bev who went to Washington to chain herself to a fence in the cause of peace had this to say about the DC demo: “It was cold out there in the snow. I moved around before finally sitting handcuffed to the White House fence with Elaine Brower and Richie Marini considering if we should have the police drag us or walk out. We chose walking, Richie was dragged….The process of getting our summons arraignment court date for January 4th was the usual pain in the butt to encourage us to “pay out” the $ 100. fine. There are  36 arrestees who opted to continue our civil resistance and go to trial. ”

– Eva-Lee Baird & Bev Rice
for the Granny Peace Brigade
Photos – Bud Korotzer

One thought on “Bud’s Photos of End-War-in-Afghanistan Demo

  1. It’s such a shame that the police feel a need to arrest people who only seek peace and are not really interfering with passers-by,


    maybe they think they’re helping us by getting some publicity for our cause. I doubt that. And it sounds like the court process is not too pleasant.


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