How I learned about Iran through NoRuz

About 4 years ago, I was found in Union Square Park by the Granny Peace Brigade. This changed my life. Its members have tons of energy and passion for Peace, and accomplish so much. They are fun to be with and I love them. First, I took part in their Phone-a-thons, then got involved with … Continue reading How I learned about Iran through NoRuz

Letter to the OWS Peace Committee

Hi Geoff, Although we haven't been to an Anti-War meeting since the first one, we feel the need to weigh in on the Iran issue. We have been somewhat involved with  OWS since the beginning, and support every aspect of its mission. So it is distressing to read the emails regarding the stance that OWS … Continue reading Letter to the OWS Peace Committee


To all who are within the sound of my voice.  Listen up. My name is Vinie Burrows, native New Yorker, an actor by profession, unemployed,  a long time member of the Granny Peace Brigade, that coalition which includes the 18 grandmothers arrested in 2005 for protesting the  illegal  Iraq war. (Click on photos for larger … Continue reading NY TIMES – DISINFORMATION ABOUT IRAN