Women’s gathering place at Franklin and Lafayette. Wish we had more streets named after women, even though Franklin and Lafayette had good points. We were cordoned off before we had a chance to say hello, police everywhere and lots of metal bars keeping us in pens.

Photo: Caroline Chinlund

Bev and Caroline joined up to wave Bev’s two peace flags. Caroline was carrying the familiar rainbow. What a great day for flags!!! The wind was fierce and the flags sailed aloft for the whole march. Grannies were in at least three parts of the march, Bev , Caroline and Barbara H with Code Pink women a few blocks ahead of Elaine.

Photo: Matt Weinstein

Then Carol, with her grandson Max, Jenny, Ann and Ahmad & Lillian P. Phyllis connected with the group carrying the Granny Peace Brigade banners after a search. The police made joining difficult, insisting that people go to the end of the march to get in behind the fences.

Photo: Noah Baird

At Battery Park were Raging Grannies, tabling, singing and greeting marchers.

Highlights: Wonderful band of musicians marched along with Code Pink. Dancing helps with the chilly wind, and keeps spirits up as we go past shoppers.

Stock Exchange, abandoned by all but us and the photographers. Wall Street has gone home. At Battery Park the marchers gather and we can read one-another’s signs and banners. We discover marchers from all over the country.
Photo: Caroline Chinlund

Two women from New Hampshire are glad to have Caroline photograph them with their signs. “Where are you from?” they ask. “Here, New York City” says Caroline. “Well, thank you for coming out!”they say sincerely. One woman’s sign reads “Bring them Home.”  She says, “This is an old sign, I’m sad to say.” On her way to the subway afterward two US male citizens stop Caroline. “What is the rally about?” Having just taken the photos you see here, she says, “Everything!!” That’s how important the message is.

– Caroline Chinlund
(More Photos)

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