We Better Keep On Marching

IMPRESSIONS of the April 4 March on Wall Street

Warm energy — high hopes – wistful enthusiasm – reminders of promises already forgotten – “Obama don’t keep up the war – Get Out of Iraq – Afghanistan”- mild questions “Where is the CHANGE?

Photo: Noah Baird

like party balloons wave in the sharp breeze – Grannies singing their hearts out —

Photo: Caroline Chinlund

— pretty young women flashing huge plastic red buttocks – “Your ASS isn’t covered with private health insurance” – Pat Bozeman (from Buffalo) leading all of us in chorus – “This is a rich man’s war – why is the poor man fighting?” Nonagenarians like Betty and me cold but happy – ¨and a little sad – we know this is the first one of a ¨lot more. We better keep on marching

– Lillian Pollak
Granny Peace Brigade

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