We Are One

We answered the call to support Union workers and gathered at Starbucks with the Raging Grannies and others.  Across Broadway a large crowd had gathered, many with red signs — Stand Up for Workers’ Rights.


Corinne got the organizers’ permission to sing – and so we did — Union Maids!  We’re sticking with the Union!!


Afterwards we wandered through the crowd, checking out the signs.  And why, you may wonder are these gentlemen smiling?   See Below!  They’re smiling at our tunics, with the sign — Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport.



Here’s a sample of some interesting signs.




– Edith Cresmer for the Granny Peace Brigade
Photos: Eva-Lee Baird and Edith Cresmer

One thought on “We Are One

  1. Thank you for being there, stalwart sisters — to show support, wisdom and to represent those of us who could not attend.


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