WE ARE ONE – April 9, 2011

WE ARE ONE, one with the people of Egypt, Yemen and Palestine.
WE ARE ONE in opposing the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan.
WE ARE ONE  with the 5 million people  of Libya  who, in the first days of the humanitarian military action, were attacked by 161 Tomahawk Cruise missiles. Each cruise missile costing  more than one  million dollars means this military assault on Libya cost US taxpayers a quarter of a billion dollars.   However, compared to the 2 billion a week  we spend in Afghanistan, that seems like chump change.


Let us remind ourselves that the bottom line in our capitalist society, in our imperialist society is money. But not  money as more wages for the laborer but instead greater profits for the employer. Oil is the bottom reason for our militaristic Libyan expedition.
So once again, we find the imperial conqueror lusting after Black gold, OIL. And this same lust for greed and profit kidnapped upwards of 20 millions of my ancestors from Africa. The Transatlantic Slave trade built up the great cities of England: Liverpool, London.  Slave labor, free labor enabled the young United States of America to enthrone  Cotton as King and thus laid the foundation for the giant we were to become.
BLACK GOLD from Africa as free labor and BLACK GOLD today with the control of the vast reserves of oil. The newly created unified military command AFRICOM is leading that latter mission with its  sinister machinations in Libya specifically and Africa generally.


WE ARE ONE WITH workers everywhere…workers with jobs and workers needing jobs.
WE ARE ONE with unions seeking  better conditions for their members, seeking to protect gains won and recover gains lost.
WE ARE ONE with women and men wanting to have work that enables them to support and sustain their families.
WE ARE ONE with all who come to this country as immigrants recalling that when the first immigrants came to thses shores there were indigenous families, people, tribes, nations living here; and they fed the strangers, sheltered and helped them to survive.  The newly arrived accepted the  hospitality then expropriated their lands, drove them away to live on reservations. As the native American elder once said: white man made many promises to Indians, only one promise he kept, he promised to take our lands and he took them.

Brothers and Sisters
We are men, women, Indian, Hispanic, African, Asian, Jew, Christian, Muslim, immigrant WE
WE ARE ONE. Thank you.


– Vinie Burrows
for the Granny Peace Brigade

Photos of demonstration: Edith Cresmer


One thought on “WE ARE ONE – April 9, 2011

  1. Dear Vinie, It was so inspiring to hear you speak. Your history lesson is valuable in pointing out how far we in this country have still to go to reach a unity with peoples all over the workd that is critical to our survival. Nationalism has to be abandoned and we must learn from other cultures. Thank you.


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