Comments: Memorial 10th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan

October 7, 2011, Times Square

John Lennon and Yoko Ono said – War is over if you want it. Imagine Peace.

As endless wars continue, the military industrial complex seeks new young bodies to fill the ranks of our forces preparing them to wage war.  The Department of Defense is fat on money – no supplemental funding to support war has been denied by Congress.  The Pentagon spends $5 billion per year on recruiting. No nook or cranny, no high school, playground, sporting event, or school career fair is overlooked for the opportunity to speak with students, to embellish the benefits of service and entice youth into enlisting in the military.  Movies, violent video games, advertising and clothing design all incorporate the war story and the myths and misleading precepts surrounding military service and patriotism. Turning war into a video game, becoming the hero – the good guy/gal, saving the world, the country, your honor.  Kill – maim – destroy, then press the reset button.  You’re safe in your room and you’ve destroyed the “other – the alien – the foreigner – the terrorist.”  It’s fun, it’s strong; it’s immoral, it’s wrong.  In real life, there is no reset button.

How can a child, a teen, an adult understand the true meaning of war, who dies, who kills, and why?  We are all diminished by the lack of compassion and understanding of the great human loss in war no matter the country or culture.  Imagine Peace.

Our tax dollars go to support the military to the tune of 48c of every dollar collected. Bring our troops home now, bring our war dollars home now, renew hope and opportunities for our youth.  Provide care for those who have served and now suffer from innumerable physical and mental illnesses. This is the time – we are the people.  Bring Our War $$s Home – domestic needs to be served, social and economic justice for all.  If not now – when?

Peace is not just the absence of war. It is a world with justice and equality.  It’s a world where the basic needs of the majority of the people are met.  The future is with our youth. We come together today for our children and grandchildren. Continue the action – we have a worthy cause.  We must continue to seek peaceful solutions to domestic and global conflicts.

Imagine peace.

– Barbara Harris
for the Granny Peace Brigade

3 thoughts on “Comments: Memorial 10th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan

  1. Barbara, This is a powerful statement. I wish it could be an op-ed in the New York Times, or read by numerous TV personalities, or better yet, they should invite you to read it. Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman, I don’t know who all, but people who have a big audience. I will send it around to people I know.


  2. Barbara, you created a heartwrenching statement that made me realize the cynical manipulation of young minds and hearts who can be filled with idealism. We turn them into killing machines and our society pays the cost when they die over there or when they return home sorely sickened by what they have seen and what they have done.’
    Thank you. The statement should be in every high school newspaper


  3. Please spread the word. When talking about the military industrial complex, please use the following as written: FINANCIAL-military-industrial complex. The source of our problems is the money system. That is what powers the military and the corporate (globalized) sectors. The young people demonstrating on Wall Street have it right. Support Dennis Kucinick’s H.R. 2990 to change the money system from debt-based private banking money to debt-free public people’s money. Thanks!


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