Save the Date! Tuesday, Oct 18th, 7:00 P.M.

Six years ago, 18 women attempted to enlist in the U.S. Military at the Recruitment Center in Times Square. Not only were we not welcomed, we were arrested…and the Granny Peace Brigade was born. Since then, we Grannies have stood our ground in the struggle for peace and social and economic justice — and for our precious First Amendment right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

We will be observing our anniversary on Tuesday, October 18th, at 7:00PM by the fountain at Lincoln Center (Broadway & West 66th Street).


In a silent vigil timed to coincide with showtime, we grannies will once again stand our ground…

  • against invasions, wars, occupations
  • against U.S. military bases abroad
  • against militarization of youth
  • against the human cost of war—domestic and international
  • against the economic cost of war.

We will stand our ground FOR freedom of speech; for the right to peaceably assemble as our First Amendment guarantees.

We invite you to join with us in this silent mini-occupation as we reflect on the issues that have galvanized us for the past six years.

We stand our ground.

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