Ms. Gizmo Meets Mr. Fancy Pants

Ms. Gizmo in Verdi Square was wonderful as usual – An NYPD cop came over to apologetically say  “my boss wants to know how long you’re planning to be here.” I responded and then told him what we’re doing as I held 20 pennies. He was very interested and walked over to the table and I offered to put the pennies in the tubes he told me to. He was so totally intrigued and said, without hesitating, put 10 pennies in Education. He then said” I’d like to put the rest in Jobs but I would want to specify the kinds of jobs so….”

He paused and then smiled and said “I think I’m going to be Mr. Fancy Pants today – after all this is the Upper West Side.” I looked at him quizzically and he then said, “Well as Fancy Pants put the next 10 pennies in Arts and Culture!”


I just loved this exchange with a thoughtful and enthusiastic and gentle Fancy Pants cop who supports education and the arts!

– Jenny Heinz
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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