Ms. Gizmo at the East Harlem Teen Fair

Ms. Gizmo returned today to a favorite place – the East Harlem Teen Fair, organized each August by City Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito with other sponsors.  Teen Service agencies set up information tables along East 104th Street and every year the turnout grows.

(Click on the photos for larger images.)


In this family setting, teenagers and young adults learn about options to the military recruiters who abound in that neighborhood. There’s music and entertainment, and the Grannies are always greeted with a warm reception.


Today 116 participated in Ms Gizmo and kids and Moms collaborated, carefully deciding just where to deposit those pennies.

Guess which column got the most pennies?  It starts with an “E”

2012_08_28gizmochart_teenfair– Nydia Leaf
for the Granny Peace Brigade
Photos: Eva-Lee Baird
Chart: Edith Cresmer

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