Reading the Constitution on the 4th of July

Dear Friends,

Just to share the almost perfect day in Central Park for the reading of the Constitution.

It was really cool in more ways than one……towards the end, light rain…..and then heavier. But spirits were high, even though this year, due to our location on the grass near Colombus Circle, we didn’t have much of an audience. Suggestions for better locations in the Park for next year are welcomed.

(Click on photos for larger images.)



As usual, the presentations and commentary were led by Norman Siegel. Gale Brewer and Ben Kallos, City Council Member also joined the group of Raging Grannies, Peace Brigade and others….



The Raging started with a few songs and ended, in the rain singing a few more! The discussion focused on recent Supreme Court decisions…..with the recent unanimous decision on protection of information on cell phones. However it was noted with concern the conservative direction of the current Council.


And then a bit of a boon for us, maybe. Ben Kallos, Council Member, Upper East Side, asked for suggestions for Council resolutions……and so he was reminded of the materials already sent to his office on the Ban Drone resolution. He expressed “serious” and asked us to call him and meet with his staff. Joan will follow this up.

– Marty Rajandran
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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