$1.5 million for JROTC – A Misuse Of Our Tax Dollars

The Granny Peace Brigade, with support from the Peace Action, was at City Hall for the third time this year (2016) demanding that  funding for the Junior Reserve Officers training Corps (JROTC) program, in 18 NYC high schools, not be approved. The Mayor’s Education Expense Budget, 2016-2017, includes an estimated $1.5 million for JROTC – a misuse of our tax dollars for a military program. JROTC classes take the place of regular classes for those students who participate.


We say: “The military should have no role in our schools!” These funds could be used for a wide range of other programs such as: computer skills, vocational training, music, art, sports, tutoring, and after-school clubs. We urge the City Council to vote to re-allocate this education budget funding item to better serve our kids.







This campaign to de-fund J-ROTC began last year, with members of the GPB meeting with members of the Education Committee of the City Council, testimony at the Budget hearings, letters to all members of the Education Committee outlining in detail the reasons why this military program should be de-funded, and flyering at City Hall in order to inform the public of this program.

We have found many in the Council who agree. We have talked to many parents who are surprised that such a class is part of the regular school program in the selected schools. And many voters and taxpayers who agree with us that such a class should NOT be part of any school program.

Marty Rajandran with Barbara Harris and Eva-Lee Baird
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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